Population Census

Population Census

eFLOW Forms Processing for Statistical Offices

eFLOW is used by statistical offices worldwide to process country census’ and other statistical projects. High data accuracy and the ability to process high volumes of documents quickly and efficiently has led to eFLOW being selected by governments around the globe for these important projects, and in many instances re-selected for subsequent processing needs.

Automated data capture

  • Requires less human intervention, enables to complete the census data capture much faster (less space, less salaries, less hardware)
  • Ensures data integrity – enables the use of automatic AND manual: online validations, exception handling, coding
  • The most advanced and proven technology for Censuses, recommended by the UN and used by all modern countries for census projects
  • Full flexibility in the type of data gathered (checkbox, handwritten, alpha and numeric, barcode…)
  • Creates a correlation between the image and the actual form
  • Remote capabilities enable all forms to be scanned locally and then sent to a central site for processing

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