Top Image Systems is a leading innovator of enterprise solutions for managing and validating content entering organizations. Whether originating from mobile, electronic, paper or other sources, TiS solutions deliver the content to applications that drive the organization. TiS’ eFLOW Unified Content Platform is a common platform for the company’s solutions.


Alfresco Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS). DAS has been intergrating with and providing solutions around Alfresco since 2007. This is to provide cost effective and well integrated solutions to our customers.


Alchemy software provides an ideal archive to store and manage all documents and data your organization needs retain. It acts as an electronic file cabinet for your organization, where you can securely file and retrieve every document, no matter its original source. Whether you have paper documents, mainframe reports, Microsoft Office documents, Adobe Acrobat files or emails, with Alchemy you can capture and manage them all – any size, any form.

Alchemy will manage from 1 to 1 billion documents. Every document is indexed for lightning-fast retrieval; including the full text inside documents (e.g. reports, COLD data, Office documents or full text OCR). You can store the document repository on a single CD-ROM, on a server hard disk, or on a huge networked optical library. There is no other document management software that can start so small and grow so big. Alchemy’s search engine is legendary for resolving index field and full text queries within seconds, regardless of the repository’s size or the age of the documents.

Over and above all this Alchemy is both easy to use and deploy and invariably stable – providing a simple yet reliable document management solution for both users and administrators.



Hardware – Scanners


kodak From desktop to high-volume production, Kodak has the ideal scanning solution. 

As the world’s largest developer and producer of large format imaging solutions, Contex leads the market with innovative technology and advanced scan and copy software applications.
Fujitsu offers the most comprehensive range of document scanners available on the market today. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, Fujitsu scanners have an excellent reputation for reliability.
Cannons broad range of high speed, high performance document scanners combine reliable high quality image input with easy operation and maintenance.
Zeutschel book scanners make it possible to digitize even the most sensitive materials. Their extremely high processing speed combined with lighting systems that operate without UV radiation protect both the original document and the user.